Felicitator Training

What, you may ask, is a Felicitator?

“Felicitator” is a word meaning ‘one who expresses congratulations and makes happy’.

The term was chosen first because of its similarity to the word facilitator; and second because attending a Profundity Workshop demonstrates an attendee’s conscious decision to focus on, and trust, their inner wisdom. This is a courageous act of trust that deserves to be perpetually congratulated.

Felicitators are people with the gift of helping attendees discover the wisdom living inside them. They see how the problem and solution stand side by side.

The role of the Felicitators is to assist attendees fulfill their desire to grow into more than they dreamed they could be.

Profundity Workshops are expanding beyond Queensland in 2022

Our retreats and workshops are currently held in Queensland, and we aim to expand around Australia, and beyond, over time.

We are therefore in the process of training more felicitators so we can bring our wonderful workshops to a wider audience.

Felicitators guide participants to reach their most treasured mission.

To reveal what gives them joy and meaning and to show how they may impact their world at large is what Profundity ALIVE Workshops offer.

Anyone who is facing obstacles or is stuck can come to a workshop to experience Profundity’s profound capacity to get them on track.

As a felicitator it is a distinct honour to be present during the workshop in which the attendees genuinely help one another, without judgement or forcefulness, to reach solutions that work – because they are self -determined.

The Felicitator ensures that the workshop’s protocols are followed and that the workshop maintains light-heartedness and fun with full and total respect afforded to each attendee.

Felicitator Training

Our felicitator training is super fun. We will train you in all aspects of the Profundity ALIVE Method so that you are fully versed in the process.  If you are interested, please enrol in a Profundity Workshop and let your Felicitator know that you are considering doing the training.