Become an accredited resource for our workshop participants who may wish to extend their discoveries with an expert to take them further.

Even attending a single Profundity ALIVE Workshop can make a meaningful change to someone’s disrupted life.

Profundity workshops bring clarity and insight to those who attend.  Participants often leave saying words like:

WOW – that was so good! I am really ready to follow my new course now.

They frequently feel relieved, inspired, empowered and are eager to put into practice what they have discovered.

Attendees are significantly transforming their lives and many are seeking mentors to help their forward journey.

Would you consider becoming a mentor to our attendees?  We are seeking mentors for our attendees who request one. This could be in the form of:

  • health initiatives,
  • career changes,
  • adopting new creative pursuits,
  • social and community-based initiatives,
  • relationship re-evaluation
  • and what it is that you can offer.

When seeking a wise mentor to help them on their journey, we would like to offer the services of well-being practitioners who are familiar with the ways of the Profundity Workshops and who have attended at least three ‘specialist mentor training’ workshops.

Consider becoming a mentor

My vision is for Profundity ALIVE Workshops to be the new integrative way for people to explore and own their personal power.

Come on board as part of our network by attending a complimentary Profundity ALIVE Workshop so you can experience Profundity for yourself.

As a mentor in our network we hope you will be willing to give practical inspiration to people who have hurdled their roadblocks, and whilst no longer feeling stuck, will benefit for some professional mentorship from you. 

Once an attendee has expressed what they need you will find your wellness guidance becomes a truly auxiliary part of their whole journey. When they seek a mentor we would like to give them your name.

I would love to discuss more with you any time and thank you for considering becoming a mentor.