Applied Game Basics

Profundity is the name of a unique boardgame with a board, dice and cards. It was developed over decades and is a contemporary interpretation of 5,000 year old Chinese Book of Wisdom.

Before the workshop starts, each participants submits the topic or question (called the topiquest) which they wish to explore.

During the workshop each participant moves around the board in turn, according to a set pattern and gathers pertinent clues which are used to reach the resolution of their topiquest.

We ensure that there is an atmosphere of mindfulness, support and respect. We ask you to commit to preserving the privacy of each person’s topiquest.

Serious Fun

Profundity Workshops use a technique known by various names – Serious Games, Applied Games and Gamification.

It all means making use of game principles in a strategic way so that the process is light and fun.

The applied game Profundity has infinite layers of depth, and the skilled Felicitators who facilitate the workshop sessions are trained to be observant and in tune with attendees progress during the workshop.

Types of Workshops

Explore my Topiquest
Deep Dive my Quest
Small Group Direction
At our Place
At your Place
Via Zoom